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I am a 21 years old straight single woman living in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Still Standing

Heyy I'm Feliciaaa. with only one "A" of course.I'm nineteen and a hard working employee and student.I have been always more mature then most my age, unless you have me around my good friends then forget it I'm like a 12 year old. I'm kind of a mix of a girlie-girl and a tom-boy. You can get me to play football, baseball, floor hockey, and a few other sports but i won't play by the rules or sit and watch it on television. I absolutely hate watching sports. When it comes to family i absolutely love my brother and sisters. I am the oldest of four and at one point had to take care of my sister when we were younger. I'm a very nurturing person and it's lately been the worst trait i could have when it comes to dating because i date loser high school drop outs who are addicted to smoking pot && partying. Don't get me wrong i LOVEE to party && smoke but not when it becomes more important then your job or school.I love tattoos & have two of my own.I'm going for my third soon.

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