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I am a 30 years old straight single woman living in Waltham, Massachusetts

Hi everyone

hey all,I saw this site and laughed but i am willing to give it a try! :) It would be nice to meet a guy who is comfortable and could give me a nice life. Love is also important to me. Without love, money wont buy happiness forever. sooo, is it possible to have both? I guess i will find out. A little about me.. I am a esthetician and makeup artist. I dogwalk as well. I had my own business for about two yrs but got tired of it. Ideally, would love to work in a spa full time and maybe even have a candle making business for fun!! I got to go to the playboy mansion this summer after applying! It was an amazing experience and its something i can scratch off my bucket list! well... either way i look forward to meeting you!

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