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I am a 47 years old bisexual single woman living in Newnan, Georgia

What you see is what you get!!!

I consider myself a mature, outgoing, somewhat silly person. I always try to put others first, ask me to do something for you I'll try my best.....though I may not succeed, I'll try. At work I'm complimented for always having a smile.I have two daughters, 21 and 13, they are my greatest blessings.I'm a huge animal lover, if I see an animal on the side of the road that looks like it could use some help, I'm all about helping it. I have the Humane Society and animal control phone numbers on my cell phone!My pet peeves are people that drive slow in the fast lane and when someone chews or bites on hard candy. My flaw is if you do me wrong I'll forgive but I don't forget.I would love to find a person or group of people to hang out with some weekends and have a good time with. I love to dance, have drinks and just be silly or just sit around the house and do nothing.When I'm with someone I want to laugh and have a good time. I hate being around sullen, dramatic, whiny, loud, self-indulgent people.

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