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My husband loves the idea of seeing me go down on another guy so it's exactly what we do with a great looking guy and my husband watches me get a bj. it makes a relationship strong. we still best friends were still very much in love so this the perfect set up

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We're just a couple of friends who like to bang every now and then we like to invite another man into our bed to bang with us nothings hotter than getting banged by two guys at once

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My wife likes seeing me with another man there's something about me on a man that gets her so hot hotter than I've ever seen and there's nothing I want more than to please my wife

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We were new to this country will we first got here so we signed up with hookup party to make friends and meet new people having threesomes brought me and my wife together not to mention we got to meet so many great people who we still remain great friends with today it's pretty cool

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My girlfriend loves blowing other guys and at first I thought it was going to be a dealbreaker but once I saw her do it with me in the room it was hot. I never realized how hot it could be it was like seeing my girlfriend in a live-action porno. We do it all the time. I love her and she needs this I wanted to give it to her. We both love local hook ups.

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Six sets of hands two guys is probably the best night of my life nothing is hotter than the touch all over by two insanely gorgeous man I love my boyfriend and I love her casual hookups my life could never be more perfect it's great. I tell everyone to join this website.

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