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I like joining couples in bed. I like when the wife and her husband make love I like to watch I like love the wife makes love to me and I like when the husband wants to do me as well There's nothing better than two on one.

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Banging a husband and banging the wife while they bang each other is so sexy. I didn't think I was into this until I got involved with hook up party. Now it's the only way I can have fun. thanks HP

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I'm not gay but when a wife asks me to please her husband or to bang him I say yes not because I need it because I know they do helping them gets me off and I happen to have a little sex with the wife at everyone's included what's the harm in that hook updates party hook up party help me find everything I needed to make my dreams and there's country

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Three ways are the hottest and sometimes I like and the two women and sometimes I enjoy with a man and woman right now I am more so and having another man there that allows me to explore decide myself I do know I like or even had HP brought this out me in a way that made me feel safe and comfortable so My Life what from zero to badass overnight

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Me and my girlfriend used to invite men and women into our beds all the time. After we broke up I realize what I missed most was having threesomes so I got a profile and now I'm having threesomes at least twice a week and nothing is hotter than that. I love having tons of threeways, it is so great and I love that this site exists.

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I'm bisexual I am not shy about telling people that I like both men and women which makes my life very interesting I love to hook up with a couple taking up with the man and women at the same time is probably the hottest thing I've ever done feeling more than once in a hands on me rough and smooth is sexy and I'm never given that up to decide if I fully want to be with a man or with a women or in some cases both

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